April 12, 2018  -  After one year as DanoneWave, to reflect the April 2017 merger of Danone and US-based White Wave Foods, the company has rebranded to Danone North America and has also become the largest Certified B Corporation (B Corp) in the world.

April 12, 2018  -  Nanoparticles are found in some food packaging. A new study concludes that when we consume them, it could hinder the way our guts absorb nutrients.

April 12, 2018  -  If manufacturers cannot ensure that the alcohol in their kombuchas remains consistently below 0.5% throughout the shelf life, they should stop falsely advertising them as soft drinks and compete âfairlyâ by selling them alongside alcoholic brands such as Kombucha Dog, argues a wave of new lawsuits.

April 12, 2018  -  Many fast-food chains, such as Arby’s, Burger King, and McDonald’s, now have gluten-free menus or gluten-free options. But a person with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity must be wary, as non-gluten foods can be contaminated by other products, depending on how they are prepared. Find out here what to do to be safe.

April 12, 2018  -  Brown spots can form anywhere on the teeth, including between teeth or on the tooth surface. These brown or yellowish stains can result from dental procedures, but they more commonly indicate cavities or a buildup of plaque. Here, learn about the many causes, and potential ways to remove these stubborn stains.