October 13, 2018  -  A recently published small-scale study investigates whether intermittent fasting might be a useful intervention for individuals with type 2 diabetes.

October 12, 2018  -  Treasure8 â a San Francisco-based firm on a mission to tackle food waste and food insecurity â has emerged from stealth mode with the launch of âdelicateâ fruit & veggie chips âthat crunch like a potato chip, without oil," the first in a series of innovations the company aims to commercialize.

October 12, 2018  -  Just Add Cooking (JAC), a meal kit company founded in Boston in 2013, is looking for an extra boost of funding launching a WeFunder campaign with a $300,000 fundraising goal.

October 12, 2018  -  Roughly three-quarters of Americans understand that plant-based âmilkâ products (almondmilk, soymilk etc) do not contain cowâs milk, although a significant minority - 16-20% depending on the variety â say they donât know, while 7-9% believe they do contain cowâs milk, according to a new survey.

October 12, 2018  -  Being a picky eater as a child may not have to do just with taste and familiarity, but also the way food is presented and arranged on a plate, recent research from Future Consumers Lab showed.