August 17, 2018  -  Three simple farming strategies, based in regenerative agriculture philosophy, could hold the key to the âancient and ongoingâ problem of soil degradation, which could be nearing a tipping point as the worldâs population â and need for more food â continues to rise, according to one researcher.

August 16, 2018  -  Age, genetics, and a poor diet are among the many risk factors for prostate cancer. By taking certain steps, a person may be able to reduce their risk. For example, adding soy products and coffee to the diet may help. Learn about natural ways to prevent prostate cancer here.

August 16, 2018  -  KitcheNet launched as an affordable meal kit delivery company two years ago servicing food insecure areas in Chicago, but learned that its ready-to-make meals weren't hitting a homerun with all of its target demographic.

August 16, 2018  -  âThe time is right to focus on upcycling and Iâm pleased this conversation is happeningâ, says Dr Bertha Jimenez, CEO of New York-based start-up Rise Products, which is increasingly attracting attention for its flour produced from spent brewersâ grains.

August 16, 2018  -  With sales of yogurt flattening but consumer demand for high-protein, high-fat foods that are convenient still on the rise, several brands are launching updated versions of cottage cheese as an easy side-step for yogurt-lovers who want something new.