June 22, 2018  -  Frozen kids food brand Kidfresh has carved out a solid spot for itself in the frozen foods aisle, an area that√Ęs re-heating with consumer interest after years of flat growth.

June 22, 2018  -  After more than a decade of explosive overall growth, year-over-year sales of gluten-free products are starting to slow, according to some consumer data, but industry insiders suggest manufacturers could breathe new life into the segment by pairing gluten-free claims with allergy friendly ones.

June 22, 2018  -  Caffeine is known to protect against heart disease and stroke. A new study finds the mechanism that underpins this protection, and mitochondria are key.

June 22, 2018  -  A person on a 500-calorie diet eats only about a quarter of the recommended daily intake. This may be beneficial for some people, but also comes with many risks. In this article, we look at research on the 500-calorie diet, explain what people need to consider before trying the diet, and provide alternative diets.

June 22, 2018  -  Magellan Life Sciences says its patent-pending fermentation process to scale up the sweet-tasting protein brazzein will make it the first company to market the natural, zero-calorie sweetener.