October 8, 2018  -  Certain plant extracts and natural products may have antihistamine properties, meaning they can reduce allergy symptoms. Learn about five natural antihistamines, and what the evidence says here.

October 8, 2018  -  The old strategies of reaping reliable returns by relying on consumer loyalty, incremental investments in established brands, and large-scale distribution and manufacturing are no longer advantageous â making this one of the most challenging times for large companies to succeed in the food and beverage industry, according to the former president of PepsiCoâs global beverage group.

October 8, 2018  -  Wildly popular in the UK and Europe, the salty and slightly rubbery grilling cheese halloumi is beginning to gain attention in the US as consumer fears about fat fade and their desire for high-protein snacks increases, according to new research from Fact.MR.

October 7, 2018  -  It is well-known that whole grains are a healthful addition to anyone's diet, but understanding why has been a challenge. A new study lifts the lid.

October 6, 2018  -  Researchers have recently conducted a new study into bladder infections. They now suggest that we ought to drink plenty of water to keep them at bay.