August 9, 2018  -  With consumer conversations driving about one out of every five purchases, itâs important to pay attention to what is being said both online and offline. So which food brands in the U.S. are doing it well and why?

August 9, 2018  -  According to a recent study, eating a diet that includes more soy protein could strengthen the bones of women, regardless of reproductive status.

August 8, 2018  -  Impossible Foods is gearing up to start a second shift at its Oakland production facility that will double production of its plant-based Impossible Burger by the year-end, and is planning a second factory at an undisclosed location as it seeks to ânot only match, but outperform meat from animals in taste, nutrition and value.â

August 8, 2018  -  A small study links probiotic use to brain fog, abdominal distension, bloating, and gas, likely due to too much D-lactic acid and small intestine bacteria.

August 8, 2018  -  Interest in healthy snacks is nothing new, but interest in keto and vegan snacks is really on the rise, says the co-founder of snack subscription service Variety Fun.