January 15, 2018  -  UPM Raflatac, a leading supplier of pressure sensitive labeling solutions, has opened a new labelstock slitting and distribution terminal in Santiago to expand its customer reach Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay and Peru.

January 15, 2018  -  Some people find it harder to lose weight than others, but why is this? A new study has identified a molecule in fat cells that could be to blame.

January 15, 2018  -  Scientists unravel the link between genetics and dietary fat and the role they play in the progression and spread of prostate cancer.

January 15, 2018  -  Consuming a Western diet may prompt irreversible changes in the immune system that make it hyper-responsive to triggers of inflammation, says a new study.

January 15, 2018  -  The knee-jerk response by large CPG companies to cut IT costs in response to revenues and market share lost to smaller companies could make them more vulnerable than if they invested more in digital technology to develop, market and sell products, according to a report commissioned by the Grocery Manufacturers Association.