June 15, 2018  -  US packaged food companies have been âfrantically buying up new challenger brands at escalating deal multiples to offset the weakening sales trends in their core businesses,â says a new report from Bernstein. But success rates have been hit and miss, with several high profile acquisitions losing momentum in 2017/18.

June 15, 2018  -  According to a new study, red meat allergies may increase the risk of heart disease, even in people who only have minor reactions to the allergen.

June 15, 2018  -  No matter how fast entrepreneurs hustle or how good their products are, all companies inevitably hit plateaus that threaten to stall or even kill their businesses, and how quickly they can push through depends in large part on the strength of their branding.

June 15, 2018  -  Pooling data from three continents and multiple studies, researchers find a link between lower vitamin D levels and increased risk of colorectal cancer.

June 14, 2018  -  Long-awaited guidance from the FDA spelling out which isolated or synthetic non-digestible carbohydrates it believes should be classified as âdietary fiberâ on the Nutrition Facts panel brings to an end a period of extended uncertainty for companies supplying a raft of widely-used ingredients from inulin to polydextrose.