April 16, 2018  -  For some consumers, digestive health is about avoiding foods that make them feel bloated or lethargic, for some, itâs about âroughageâ and âregularity,â while for others itâs about keeping their guts happy with prebiotics and probiotics, says Hartman Group.

April 16, 2018  -  Comax Flavors has revealed more US consumers prefer eating a closed sliced bread sandwich compared to the open-faced version.

April 16, 2018  -  The Organic and Natural Health Association recently visited Capitol Hill to ask Congress for help reducing the more than 1,000 preterm births that occur daily in North America by supporting its FDA petition for a health claim declaring the link between higher vitamin D blood levels and a decreased risk of preterm birth.

April 16, 2018  -  Annieâs recent launch for Earth month of two limited edition products that are made with ingredients sourced from regenerative agriculture farmers is only the beginning of how the brand plans to build on its iconic organic values to restore degraded soil and enhance farming communities.

April 16, 2018  -  Gas pain can be uncomfortable, or so severe that it can interrupt daily activities. Luckily, plenty of simple home remedies can bring relief. Quitting smoking and avoiding certain foods may also help. Here, learn 20 easy ways to relieve mild to severe gas pain at home. We also address when a person should see a doctor.