August 14, 2018  -  Clean meat technology is progressing rapidly, says Brian Spears, co-founder at cell cultured meat start-up New Age Meats, but perhaps not as quickly as we've been led to believe, as thereâs a huge difference between launching at a high-end restaurant and building a scalable platform that can deliver product to the mass market.

August 14, 2018  -  Feeding mice a diet rich in a compound that results from the digestion of cabbage and other brassicas protected their gut from inflammation and cancer.

August 14, 2018  -  A lawsuit alleging that Nestlà USA is misleading shoppers with its âNo GMO Ingredientsâ seal is unlikely to make much progress, predict legal experts, but it does highlight the confusion surrounding Non-GMO claims given that the standards underpinning them can differ from one product to another.

August 14, 2018  -  The Sugar Association is fighting back against sugarâs increasingly bad reputation by launching a new consumer-oriented, science-based website that seeks to place the ingredient in a âmore accurate context of an overall diet and restore consumersâ sense of confidence in choosing sugar,â according to the trade groupâs spokesman.

August 14, 2018  -  Thanks to rising consumer interest in functional ingredients and the idea of food as medicine, the global mushroom market is, well, mushrooming.