October 11, 2018  -  Risk factors for developing type 2 diabetes include being overweight and having high blood sugar levels. Although fruit does contain sugar, eating it as part of a balanced and healthful diet is unlikely to cause diabetes. Learn more here.

October 11, 2018  -  A diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids may halt the growth of cancer cells by strengthening the immune system and curbing inflammation.

October 11, 2018  -  Probiotics foods contain live, healthful bacteria that may help promote better gut health. In this article, we list the best probiotic foods and ways to incorporate them into the diet.

October 11, 2018  -  For many Americans, canned tomatoes are a commodity that they regularly use in their home kitchens, but rarely think about beyond price and convenience â but Mutti, the number 1 selling tomato brand in Italy, wants to change that through a new multi-media campaign that positions their products as âalive with passion.â

October 10, 2018  -  If you ask the FDA or the DEA if CBD (cannabidiol) is permitted in foods, beverages and supplements, the answer is a pretty unequivocal NO. If you ask the scores of companies currently selling it in everything from CBD-infused soda to smoothie kits, the answer is YES. So whatâs going on?