April 18, 2018  -  Thatâs It Nutrition has vowed to vigorously defend itself against a lawsuit taking issue with its minimalist ingredients statements.

April 18, 2018  -  New research suggests that eating breakfast later may drive a preference for late rising and retiring, which is linked to higher BMI in type 2 diabetes.

April 18, 2018  -  At a time when honey production in the US is falling and colony collapse disorder continues to threaten beesâ health, honey manufacturer Nature Nateâs is investing in Cornell Universityâs department of entomology to advance bee health research and honey testing capabilities for adulterants.

April 18, 2018  -  Nuts are widely considered beneficial to the heart. A new study dives deeper into the specifics and finds out exactly what nuts can do for our tickers.

April 17, 2018  -  Abbott has launched Ensure Max Protein, a 150-calorie beverage with 30 grams of protein and all nine essential amino acids, the highest protein content in its Ensure line of nutrition drinks.