June 21, 2018  -  General Mills has led a funding round that poured $12 million into Boulder,CO-based functional food firm NextFoods and its GoodBelly brand via its venture investing arm 301 Inc.

June 21, 2018  -  One in every five dollars spent at online natural and organic membership club Thrive Market is likely to be on private label products by the end of the year, predicts merchandising chief Jeremiah McElwee. âBut weâre definitely not trying to be an online Trader Joeâs.â

June 21, 2018  -  Both peanut butter and almond butter are versatile ingredients and good sources of protein. They also have a variety of other health benefits. In this article, we look at how these two nut butters compare nutritionally, as well as how to add more nut butter to a healthful diet. The article also investigates the risks.

June 20, 2018  -  Vitamin D is an essential nutrient, but it can be difficult for people to know if they are getting the right amount. Some people will be able to get enough vitamin D from sunlight. Others may need to make dietary changes or take supplements. Here, we explain how to get vitamin D from sunlight, food, and supplements.nut

June 20, 2018  -  Home and office snack delivery firm SnackNation has acquired EdgiLife, the a consumer insights and data analytics company behind the Love With Food brand, one of the nation's largest direct-to-consumer snack subscription services, for an undisclosed sum.