January 19, 2018  -  On paper, quark ticks every box. A spoonable cultured dairy product popular in Europe and Central Asia, itâs high in protein, low in sugar, and creamier and milder than Greek yogurt. The challenge in the US, says New York based entrepreneur Kamilya Abilova, is explaining what it is.

January 19, 2018  -  âStealth nutritionâ brand Sneakz Organic â best known for its veggie puree-infused milkshakes - is entering a new category with the launch of vegan protein powders for kids, which will be followed by a dairy-free ready-to-drink shake, and new products targeting seniors.

January 19, 2018  -  The jury may be out still on whether trace amounts of the popular herbicide glyphosate pose health risks to humans, but industry insiders predict mounting consumer fear about the possibility will pressure more food and beverage manufacturers in 2018 to seek reassuring certifications that their products are free-from the chemical.

January 19, 2018  -  As a newcomer to the highly competitive and increasingly crowded plant-based non-dairy category, Oatly stands out for its nutrition, function, flavor and fun packaging, according to consumers who tried the beverage ahead of its US launch compliments of the manufacturer.

January 19, 2018  -  Coconut oil is shrouded in controversy. While health organizations advise a limited intake, it is seen by many as a superfood. What is the latest?