August 15, 2018  -  Many people look to their diet to find ways of improving their sex lives. People sometimes try known aphrodisiacs to boost libido, or they might want to try heart-healthy foods to improve their stamina. In this article, learn which foods are best for sex and about the research behind the claims.

August 15, 2018  -  People often believe it is unsafe to reheat rice. This is because certain bacteria in rice can survive the cooking process. In fact, it is safe to eat reheated rice if it is cooked, stored, and reheated correctly. In this article, we discuss the best ways to manage leftover rice to limit the risk of food poisoning.

August 15, 2018  -  Frightened by The American Farmland Trustâs estimate that more than 175 acres of US farmland is lost every hour to development, the plant-based supplement and nutrition bar company Amazing Grass is on a mission to raise funds that will help keep small family farms alive.

August 15, 2018  -  âHandmadeâ and âsmall batchâ claims that attract the attention of consumers who are looking for âauthenticâ and âartisanalâ products do not have to be self-defeating as a company automates production to meet increased demand as long as the company holds true to its core values, according to the CEO of Cacique.

August 15, 2018  -  Monk fruit and stevia are natural, plant-based sweeteners. The products tend to contain few, if any, calories, carbohydrates, and sugars, and people use them as alternatives to sugar, honey, and other sweeteners. Here, we describe what monk fruit and stevia are and how to choose between them.