November 17, 2017  -  In the Dutch famine of 1944–1945, rations fell to just 500 calories per day. A new study looks at how this affected the future mental health of babies.

November 17, 2017  -  We all love coffee, and according to the latest report, your liver loves coffee, too. So, grab your mug, sit back, and we'll explain the details.

November 16, 2017  -  The Coca-Cola Company has âunexpectedly discoveredâ that the cherry-like fruit acerola reduces enzymatic browning in fruit and vegetable juice, providing a natural alternative to current methods.

November 16, 2017  -  The coconut oil chip start-up should see double-digit growth this year after securing a lucrative business partnership with a CPG expert, its founders say.

November 16, 2017  -  Macadamia milk brand Milkadamia will launch a chilled variant into Walmart next year, driving brand exposure in a heavy footfall area, its CEO says.