January 23, 2018  -  Bored of popcorn, but looking for something equally light on the snacking front? Lotus Pops â a popped lotus seed snack on show at the Winter Fancy Food Show â meets consumer demand for guilt-free snacks that still deliver on taste and texture, claims brand owner Nouveau Foods.

January 23, 2018  -  The nut butter aisle has expanded well beyond the humble peanut in recent years, with almond, cashew and hazelnut options in many retailers. But walnuts present more of a challenge, says new market entrant Wellnut Farms.

January 23, 2018  -  KRā Organic Sports Drink's commitment to only organic is driving sales and investor interest, says the company's co-founder, with distribution now expanding the brand's footprint to 16 states.

January 23, 2018  -  The launch of Amazon Go and a separate $5.5 million infusion of seed preferred financing into Cargoâs âin-car commerce platform,â underscore how quickly the grocery channel landscape is changing and the need for brands to take an omni-channel marketing approach.

January 23, 2018  -  The increasing speed with which new fads emerge and old ones fade can leave companies scrambling to innovate and launch products before consumer whims shift, but as cookie maker Donsuemor shows there are other ways to meet changing trends without changing products.