October 16, 2018  -  Our diets can influence the state of our health. Research in mice now suggests that one regimen — the ketogenic diet — may even prevent cognitive decline.

October 15, 2018  -  Swedish company Oatly will open its first US production plant in New Jersey next spring to support demand for its dairy-free oat-based products in the US.

October 15, 2018  -  Free from the constraints of the appellation d'origine contrÃlÃe that dictate how cheese in Europe is made, American cheese makers are able to add innovative twists to traditional methods to create unique products that meet evolving consumer demand, according to leadership at the American Cheese Society.

October 15, 2018  -  Appalled at the amount of produce wasted every year while many people struggle with food insecurity, Kroger will launch a new brand that prizes oddly shaped and discolored fruits and vegetables that previously would have been rejected by the retail chain.

October 15, 2018  -  The first literature review and meta-analysis to investigate omega-3 supplements and anxiety concludes that they could benefit some people.