Q: What is SnackIQ.com?

A: SnackIQ is an innovative tool for making informed choices about packaged snacks including awareness of their ingredients, nutrients, compatibility with diets and allergies, certifications, and online availability. Snack product education is offered through blog posts, glossary, and food news. Highly individualized snack shopping is offered through powerful search tools that allows consumers to include or exclude ingredients and ingredient groups, define specific nutrient values, exclude allergens, and narrow by category. Popular snack lists are available based on common consumer profiles and personalities.

Q: How can I purchase snacks that I find through SnackIQ?

A: Currently, SnackIQ displays links to snack products available at Amazon.com. SnackIQ.com and Healthy Pixels LLC are participants in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com.

Q: Is SnackIQ paid to review products?

A: No, SnackIQ.com aims to be an unbiased source for information on packaged snacks and does not accept products, cash, or cash equivalents for reviews. While information posted at SnackIQ.com reflects the cautious and educated opinions of SnackIQ.com and Healthy Pixels LLC, they do not represent or substitute for the advice of professionals in the field of healthcare or nutrition.

Q: Does SnackIQ show advertisements?

A: SnackIQ.com is not currently accepting third-party advertisements.

Q: How can I get help using SnackIQ.com?

A: Please send requests for help, including your phone number, to support@snackiq.com.

Q: How can I make a suggestion for a new snack product, snack list, or snack concern?

A: Please send all ideas to suggest@snackiq.com.