A new face for nutrition labels Hide

September 12, 2016  -  

For the first time in 20 years, food nutrition labels are changing to help improve our awareness of serving size, added sugars, and additional nutrient values. By 2018, we’ll see products from larger manufacturers with updated nutrition labels, and products from smaller companies will follow by 2019. Most importantly, we will see the actual calories, fat, and sugars in “oversized serving” packages that are often consumed in one sitting.

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Shopping with food sensitivities Hide

August 29, 2016  -  

Thanks to modern media, the term “peanut allergy” has become as familiar as “PB&J.” We now grasp that a sensitive person might have a life-threatening response when exposed to a tiny amount of food. Over the years, our food packaging has also increased awareness about allergens, risks, and safety. Thankfully, the FDA’s Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act requires the top eight food allergens to be declared on food product labels. Yet we are still missing some critical pieces of information that impact food allergies and sensitivities. Let’s examine the fine print.

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The scoop on the new “Added sugars” label Hide

August 15, 2016  -  

In May, the FDA sparked an ongoing debate when they started requiring “Added sugars” on Nutrition Facts. This revision is shaking up the world of processed foods and revealing unsavory facts about some of our favorite snacks. Despite good intentions, the “Added sugars” label introduces just as many questions as answers. This means it's time to boost our SnackIQ!

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